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Who is the locker suitable for?

Many people are looking for storage. but does not require a very large area and the price must not be very expensive
Lockblock cabinet rental service meets everyone's needs Whether it's a student, a collector or a frequent traveler including back pack tourists


For students

Student in dormitory not enough storage Find storage for your love, collectibles, and school supplies.



For those who travel often left the house for several days Recommended to keep important things Lockblock is the answer that can help you. Safe for sure.


Personal documents

Important documents, whether personal or of various departments that require not very large storage space Recommend a 1 sq m locker. Lockblock is small in size but larger than expected.


Dormitory want to store important things

Many people share a room together with friends. But want to find a place to store personal important things here.



A collection of father, mother's days and many children's and grandchildren's collections that can't be left behind. not enough storage Manage it separately and keep it privately, not expensive.


Things that have been used for a long time

Things that have been used for a long time But still have to keep it for use Will eat the space inside the house or room, bring it to Lockblock, inexpensive, short-term and long-term rental

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per month

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