Express your collectible to everyone

It is a room for both storage and display.

Lifestyle Storage The best of the storage room with a smart lock system !!
Open-close, lock the room via smartphone. new storage room
Lifestyle Storage The first store and show in Thailand. CCTV all over the corner.


Brand Name Collector

Bags, Shoes, Cameras, Favorite pictures


Cyclist or Sports Equipment

Cyclists or skaters collectible sports equipment


Stock products and show them

Seller selling products online This room can meet the needs of stock and display products as well.

Storing Action Figures, Collectible Cards, and Rare Sneakers is all about your "Lifestyle Storage". With a safe and sound storage unit.

So, store your precious clothes with our Closet Storage. We are confident that we will keep your clothes in a quality environment.
Are you looking for somewhere to store your adventurous equipment? Let's store it with LEO Self Storage.
Store rarely used items at LEO Self Storage, safely and securely.

keep your items at a safe temperature


Absolute intelligence security system


The less dust, the better the satisfaction


Smart Door Lock. Perfect control with a touch on your phone.


                 24/7 storage access LEO Self Storage LEO Self Storage LEO Self Storage LEO Self Storage LEO Self Storage LEO Self Storage


The Smart Lighting System. Facility lights will show you the way to your storage space just by using your keycard


Express your inner self with collectibles to everyone with the Collectible Storage Unit.


Built-In shelf, empty your space to fulfill your needs.

Video Gallery

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